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Ever wanted to have a variety of different text animations to best picture each emotion your character may have? Well, Gimmer_ExpressingEmotions will come in handy for that.

Using this plugin, you can a set of pre-made text codes to get across different emotions in the text. E.g. Fear: Shaking letters. Confusion: Spaced-out, wavy letters. etc.

ReminderGimmer_Core.js is required for this plugin to function. You can download that here.


Documentation is included in the README file.

Free for both commercial and non-commercial use, with credit.

- Gimmer


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Gimmer_ExpressingEmotions 1.0.1.rar 4 kB


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Hi I love the simplicity of this plugin. I was wondering if there was any chance this could be ported to MZ? I tried it in MZ using FOSSIL and it still didn't work :( 

Any possibility would be amazing.

I can take a look into it, does it just not work, or does it put a specific error message?

Thanks for getting back so quickly. It just doesn't work. I got your Gimmer Core and placed it above the Expressions plugin.  I think I'm entering the codes in correctly as well.  I tried to both use /eea on a separate line first and /eef inline but both text options don't activate any text animation :(

It just doesn't work, just displays as regular text.

I got a chance to look at the code and it looks like MZ significantly changed how text comes out.
I don't suppose there's still a YEP_Messagecore that handles word wrap? I had to work around that one a ton as it basically rewrote messaging. If that doesn't exist anymore, life would be easier to handle

Hmm if you're asking about having word wrap functionality in the engine, there doesn't seem to be any baked in way to word wrap but Yanfly does have a message core for MZ: Message Core VisuStella MZ - Yanfly.moe Wiki but I believe the code is obfuscated. 

Here seems to be one for MZ  that may not be obfuscated: Drag's Word Wrapping for MZ by Drag & Plugin (itch.io) .

Not sure if either of those are helpful...

that's ok, I just wanted to know if there was a standard library to handle wordwrapping.

For now I've rigged it up to work and I'm just ignoring word wrapping for now.

Grab this file to make Gimmer_Core compatible.
Grab this file to make Gimmer_ExpressingEmotions compatible.

I have tested this very little, but anger at least works