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Have you ever wanted a different kind of leveling up system in your RPG? Maybe one similar to Final Fantasy XII where you have a board you can navigate with each character, deciding where exactly you wish each one to excel? Well, Gimmer_LicenseBoard does just that.

Some requirements for this plugin include the script file (of course!), a 64x64px LicenseIconSet (one is included by default, feel free to change it), a LargeLicenseIconSet (icons at 170x170) for if you wish to have a success window once a skill has been chosen. This can again be changed to your own design/theme if you so desire.

The other file included here: 'LicenseBoardMaker' is required to actually build the board itself. Documentation is also included in this archive.

There is a healthy amount of setup to get the License Board working the way you want, so please read the documentation included in the README, carefully.

ReminderGimmer_Core.js is required for this plugin to function. You can download that here.

Video Tutorial:


Documentation and more information is included in the README file.

Free for both commercial and non-commercial use, with credit.

Credit: codapill, for graphical assets provided.
Credit: xiamumomo, for graphic assets provided

- Gimmer


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LicenseBoardMaker 1.4.zip 29 kB
Gimmer_LicenseBoard 2.1.1.zip 355 kB

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Hello author

I am a recently purchased user

I want to use it in my game

But got stuck

Want to ask you

//Refresh the help window

Window_LicenseHelp.prototype.refresh = function() {



        let lpShort = Gimmer_Core.LicenseBoard.PointsLabelShort;

        let lpString = "Current "+lpShort+": "+(this._actor.getExp().toString() || "0");

        let lpWidth = this.textWidth(lpString)

        this.drawText(this._license.description, this.textPadding(), 0, this.width-lpWidth);

//(this._license.description, this.textPadding(), 0, this.width-lpWidth);


            this.drawText(""+lpShort+": "+(this._actor.getExp().toString() || "0"),0,this.lineHeight(),this.width-lpWidth,'right');

            if(!this._actor.canAffordLicense(this._license)) {

                this.contents.textColor ='#FF0000';


            this.drawText("Energy consumption: "+this._license.cost ,this.textPadding(), this.lineHeight());





In this content

this.drawText(this._license.description, this.textPadding(), 0, this.width-lpWidth);

Is used to show the ability added by our talent

Due to language issues, I need to modify the content it displays

For example: HP changed to physical strength

How should I modify it ?

Is your licenses.json coming from making a map or creating the file from scratch.

I think the map maker just has the terms hardcoded at present.

So you have two options:

1) edit Licenses.json to change the descriptions manually (find and replace might work)

2) edit mapConvert.html (line ~87 where LicenseMap is defined), and fix the default descriptions to the terms you are using for your game.

there aren't any 'license board maker' or tileset files included in this.

I made my own A5 tileset simply enough but I can't even search for 'Gimmer License Board Maker' to get a link to the .json converter

My bad, it's a separate section of my github. Forgot to put it into the zip.


Grab it and the instructions here