A trivia relationship adventure for 2-4 players
Role Playing
An emotional journey
Visual Novel
Time travel? In RPG Maker MV? Yes.
Ever wanted RPG Maker MV to temporarily ignore a block of eventing code? Now you can.
Allows for words and/or phrases to be different colors without the need for \c[x] textcodes.
Easily re-order your RPG Maker MV maps using Gimmer's mapsOrder tool.
Apply a filter to the map layer, alter music, change walking speed and more to make the player feel woozy!
Add a License Board to your RPG and replace EXP with License Points, similar to that of Final Fantasy XII.
Automatically detect which kind of controller the player is using and show the correct button UI.
Allows you to animate text to match a character's emotion.
This plugin matches the face graphic to the actor, should the actor change outfits.
Change self-switches for an event from a different event entirely.
Show and Hide the chat arrow with a simple Plugin Command
Organize 'Pictures' in RPG Maker MV into folders and sub-folders.
Change the actor's face/expression during the same chat window.
Give Events a 'Line of Sight' in your game.
Animate your Title Scene by using a video as the background.
Use the system clock to time how long a player takes to do something.
Allow for finer control on setting the speed for your main character.
Allows you to move Options, Save and Quit Game into their very own menu.
Split the JavaScript files into more manageable chunks, making development much easier.
A gamejam game about slime, tanks, and true love.
Interactive Fiction
Interactive Fiction